A super micro tiny DOM library for authoring HTML5 mobile web applications.

// a trivial example
x$('#btn').click( function (e) {
    x$('#msg').html('Thanks for your submission!');


  • Clean, familiar, chaining syntax.
  • Super tiny 10.4kb footprint (4.2kb gzipped).
  • Only library with targeted builds for WebKit, IE Mobile, and BlackBerry.
  • MIT Licensed.


XUI was born in 2008 while the popular PhoneGap framework was being developed. It was created out of necessity for a solid DOM framework that understood the latency and initialization characteristics of the mobile web. Today most frameworks are still catching up to the mobile revolution, tacking on compatibility as an afterthought and, often, only for iOS.

XUI is the smallest framework that works across all of the devices in the mobile landscape. It does not try and dictate a page structure or widget paradigm. Instead, it uses the DOM and since most mobile applications consist of lists and buttons, we feel, HTML and CSS do a fine job of rendering.



Mobile Web development is heating up fast! If xui isn't enough for you, then check out:

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